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This fund supports the needs and priorities of the Psychology Department. Unrestricted support, used at the discretion of the Department Chair, is directed where the need is the greatest to enhance academic programs, student support and faculty development. Your generosity supports undergraduate research, travel funds for students to attend conferences, guest lectures, seminars and special programs to improve instructional skills.

What people are saying

  • Geoff Trussell

    MES Chair, Director of the Marine Science Center

    "The MES faculty continue to work on redefining our academic program so that all of our majors receive the best instruction in a broad array of offerings covering environmental geology and science, environmental studies, marine biology, and ecology, evolution and behavior. "

  • Jeff Croteau

    COS'98, Mathematics

    "Giving back through an unrestricted gift provides flexibility to the leaders of the university to address the areas of greatest need. This ultimately benefits the entire Northeastern community"

  • Rita Fahy

    LA’78, ME’89

    "Giving back is a vote of confidence in Dean Gibson’s vision, and it is also my way of simply saying ‘thank you’…Donations that can be managed at the discretion of the dean assures me and other alumni that our contributions are being used in the most efficient and pragmatic way."

  • Stanley & Janet Burba

    Founders, Burba Family Lectureship Fund at the Marine Science Center

    "Even when I was a student, Dr. Nathan "Doc" Riser, the Founding Director of the Marine Science Center, was always very innovative in and out of his Biology classroom. He regularly brought outside lecturers into class to give his students new perspectives on the field. I had four years of study under him and then he gave me a recommendation for dental school. The rest is history. We stayed in touch over time and that’s how I got involved with the Riser Lecture Series that he started in Nahant. I attended several of those, became interested, and my support went on from there."